NEPAdey is a mobile app that provides users with information about the power supply in their home or any place in West African countries. The app was developed for the West African and soon all-African market. For the logo, we used a power cord with a plug that depicts Africa. So it symbolizes the focus on Africa and connect the business area with the central business model: “Where can I find electricity?”

The task of the German-Israeli Society was a website, which should honor the 50th anniversary of German-Israeli relations. We included citizens and politicians to make the campaign as vivid as German-Israeli relations itself. So we asked citizens and politicians the question: Why Israel? To think about the relationship. The project has received funding from the Federal Foreign Office.

The logo symbolizes the name of the company and its core competences “drilling holes” and “automotive industry”. We have put the name part Tixbo in a technical lettering and designed the letter “O” as a tire. The holes represent drilling holes and at the same time the screws of a tire. For the name part “automotive” we chose a font from the 1950s, because the manufacturer originated from a factory already existing in the GDR.



The logo and corporate design of the German-Israeli Society impresses with its unique, unmistakable design. Simple and understandable symbolism stands out without being political or silly. The combination of the coat of arms symbols of Germany and Israel, together with the strong creative reduction, create a timeless logo. In addition, the mutual relations of both countries are perfectly symbolized: The logo also works mirrored.